Sunday, July 13, 2008

"Is this a dream?"

Saturday we celebrated #1’s 7th birthday with the family party, a bbq at our home. It was small as far as extended family gatherings go (thanks rising gas prices) and not to be confused with the school-friends party earlier in the week. #1 picked out cheeseburgers for lunch and all the fixings.

The presents were what it was all about this year. #1 had asked for an American Girl doll, Kit Kitterage. She had picked Kit out of the catalog that arrived at our house in May. She poured over all the things you can get for the doll. Grandparents N asked what she wanted most and after the mama saying no to a pony, she said, “Kit.”

I couldn’t wait for her to open it…I knew she’d be elated. And she was. Bright eyes, wide grin, so thrilled.

Later, after all the guests had left, the cake was gone but of course NOTHING was put away and there was dinner to prepare. She stood in the middle of the kitchen holding Kit and the following conversation ensued:

“Is this a dream?”

“Is what a dream?”

“Having Kit. Getting what I wanted most of all.”

No, my darling, getting what you want most of all isn’t always a dream. But I suppose it does feel that way sometimes.

Kit didn’t completely steal the show though, Papa W had wrapped up an Ipod, which was 2nd on her list. She also got some great t-shirts, a gift card, and some plain ‘ol green. Grandparents D, the writing Grandma got her a dictionary. Sounds a little funny, but #1 loves words, love writing, and loves doing it right on her own (looking up her own words to spell correctly instead of being told how to spell it). First thing she said when she opened it, “this will help me with my story”.

Quite a dreamy day!
(No pictures, still no camera although I did take some with borrowed cameras, now I’ve got to get CD’s burned and all that that takes.)

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