Monday, July 28, 2008


In my efforts to have fun even when Mr. Wiedz is not here I took the kids to a local parade on Saturday. The MOPS group I attend did a "stroller brigade" and handed out fliers to invite new moms to our group.

The kids walked at the front of our little group waving and enjoying the parade. I pushed #3 and #4 in the stroller which got me out of handing out fliers too. I decided I didn't like walking in the parade. It felt very strange. I was walking down the middle of the street, kids a ways out in front of me and more of my group straggling behind me. People were staring, although that is what they're supposed to do in a parade, but it just felt strange.

We did get there early and walked around the booths set up in the courthouse lawn. Another mom in our group painted faces and all the kids got balloons.

After our walk I took the kids back to the booths. We found the elephant ear stand and got 2 elephant ears to share. We got ourselves a little spot of shade and enjoyed our ears. We all got stuffed, not even finishing...unfortunately, $9 for that treat!

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