Friday, July 25, 2008


Well, Mr. Wiedz is keeping his word to a friend and is helping this weekend on a no Mr. Wiedz here. #1 complained that when Mr. Wiedz is gone we don't do anything fun! So. I tried today to be more fun. I tried to figure out activities that we could do away from home. A daunting task all by myself with the 4 of them. But we did it!

We went to our local u-pick blueberry farm. I gave each of the "big" kids a bucket and figured we pick as long as they were wanting to. It worked out pretty well. #4 was such a mess...oh my goodness but even he enjoyed himself.

We got 5 pounds in little less than an hour. Nothing like what we'll need to pick to last us through the winter but it was a start and something to do today!

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