Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Cowboy Cookies

I have a little tradition. I make the same cookies every year for the first day of school after school snack. They are "cowboy cookies", my grandmother's reciepe.

Years ago, I think after I'd had a kid or two, I asked my Grandmother N for her receipe for cowboy cookies. I remember these cookies at her house. We didn't visit grandparents N but every couple of years so I'm not sure why these cookies stand out in my memories but they do. I thought they must be something really fun and special because 1) I hadn't heard of them anywhere else and 2) they were something in my mind as being special.

So Grandmother N wrote out the receipe, I just love her handwritten reciepe card. I received it in the mail along with what I'm sure was a very nice note. I looked over the receipe, anticipating how special these cookies were going to be.

They are oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.

I was a little disappointed at the time. My balloon of "special cookies grandma used to make" was popped. Now, I just remember wanting a special cookie receipe from my grandmother and chuckle as I make what I hope my kids will remember as amazing "cowboy cookies".

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Another Stacy said...

Maybe I'm on the same wavelength as you. I also made Cowboy Cookies yesterday!! They were scrumptious. Dec was already in bed, so he didn't even get to taste a chocolate chip. :)