Sunday, December 4, 2011

Science Sunday :: The Respiratory System

This is by far the best picture from the day...W displaced a lot of water with his air, the most out of everyone.

Not only did I fall behind in blogging about our science adventures with our friends I realized I haven't even taken pictures the last couple of meetings. So now I am caught up. This past week we met to do our chapter on the respiratory system. We are using Apologia's Exploring Creation Human Anatomy which I am loving.

I had fallen behind in my schedule of reading (I'm noticing a pattern of falling behind in things...anyone else notice that?) and at home study that we should have done prior to our meeting but luckily the U family had also had a crazy couple weeks leading up to Thanksgiving and a family trip over 5 hours away and they hadn't even opened the book! Yea! No one knew what we were talking about!

We made the mini books and added to our personal person in our notebook. Then we did an experiment about lung capacity. Luckily I had tried out the experiment before everyone got together so I used a bigger bowl than I had originally planned and had a towel underneath the whole thing! The kids enjoyed the experiment and after we were all done wanted to do it again but this time after they had run laps around the see if exercise changed how much they could blow out.

A fun day!

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