Friday, January 2, 2009

Catching Up:Christmas Eve

***Note: The Christmas posts are only to be part of "the record" as it were.****

We spent Christmas Eve with Mr. Wiedz’s family, the J’s. The snow and ice made things a little difficult, Aunt M even wanted to postpone the party until New Years but the family wouldn’t hear of it.

We’d thought we might go up to Portland earlier in the day to spend some time with my parents then head to the party. But chains were required on I5 all morning and the freeway was even closed down a couple of times the day before so we cancelled that part of the day.

We didn’t get the memo about what time the party started so we were an hour early. Because of the storm there was nowhere else to go so we hung out at the party place. I’d been so busy trying to get ready to leave that I didn’t pack any toys so we were a little stretched to come up with activities for everyone before the family got there.

The snow did make everything take longer, Uncle C went to get his mom and that took 3 ½ hours instead of 1 hour, but we had a great prime rib dinner with all the fixings and a fabulous time with the family. All the aunts and uncles spoil our kids with gifts and hugs and tons of attention.

Precious memories!

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