Monday, January 19, 2009


We celebrated my birthday this weekend with a simple time together as a family. Mr. Wiedz worked with the kids to make me a cake. My favorite, German Chocolate with German Chocolate frosting. No one else in my house likes this kind of cake so it is a real treat to get it on my birthday. The kids told Mr. Wiedz what they wanted written on it and then helped make dots to decorate.

The cake followed a delicious crab dinner caught the day before by Mr. Wiedz. Crab is a special treat for me...LOVED it!

The birthday followed a week full of sick babes and was low key. A chance to sit and relax with another adult at home. #4 had his worse day yet but #2 and #3 were feeling much better.

I got a lot of calls from friends and family with well wishes. A original song written by #1 was given proudly at the beginning of the day. And Mr. Wiedz did dishes while I lingered over my dinner. A wonderful day!

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Aly sun said...

Crab and German Chocolate Cake. Sounds DELICIOUS. You have a good family. Glad you had a special day even though a mommy never has a day off (especially with sick kids around).