Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Unfinished Projects::Finished::Pillowcases

There is quite a long story about these pillowcases. Since you're here, I'll tell you.

I think about 7 years ago, when we'd recently moved back home with our 2 month old #1 I went to a quilt class with my best friend and her mom. The class was making pillowcases.

As part of the class we picked out fabric then followed the directions with the teachers help to make a cuffed pillowcase with piping between the cuff and the case.

I only got one pillowcase done that evening. I brought it home and stuck the finished one, the directions and the fabric left to finish the second one in my stash of sewing stuff.

Since then we've moved and I've moved my sewing stuff from closet to closet and moved this pile of stuff right along.

The other was time! I took the stuff out of the unfinished projects tub and got to work. It took about 15 minutes to have the matching pillowcase complete. 15 minutes! 7 years and 15 minutes!

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