Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I got the bag done for #1. She had asked for this after I completed a similar one for #2 for wrestling but I kept it hidden while in progress. This morning I had it hanging on her breaky chair. When she came to the table her eyes lit up with recognition. She was excited.

I embroidered the lines on the basketball and hand appliqued it to the outer fabric. #2 helped me decide where to write her name (because of Mr. Wiedz's security requests I've cloned it out using my handy photo program), rounding the basketball along the side and top with a permanent marker.

This bag I wanted to line but I wasn't so sure how. I got the fabric out that I knew I wanted to use, some left over blue I don't remember where and some more of the old sheet I used for the hankies. I knew the shape I wanted and started laying things together, and cutting. Pretty soon I knew what I was doing!

It turned out just like I wanted it to. A flat bottom bag but with a little better shape than #2's bag.

I guess we're both excited about #1's basketball bag.

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