Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sewing: Part 1

Well, #4 has this bug horrible now...constant runny nose and these SAD eyes. #3 is in the beginning stages! Tomorrow should be another fun day. #1 is still feeling alright although wasn't in the mood for school today and slept past 8AM so after missing the bus (7:45) I wasn't in the mood to pack all my sick boys in the car and take her either.

Now that I'm done "computering" I'm hoping to finish some new curtains for our bedroom during today's nap time, pictures tomorrow...after I clean my room (or at least the part where the a good curtain picture will show).

This little sewing project I made last week during a blissful nap time.

I've been stalking SouleMama for a couple weeks now. In the week between Christmas and New Years I even read some of her archives. A couple of years ago she made a bunch of smocks fashioned after a vintage one she found thrifting. Her little girl looked SO adorable in all the pictures she showed of the cute smock shirts.

#1 isn't so little anymore but I thought she'd look pretty adorable herself in one. I used a t-shirt that she's currently wearing as my "pattern". The arms are a little long and narrow and the body could have some more give or room.

The tie in back
I used some old khaki color so if it didn't turn out I wouldn't be disappointed. And I've had this black bias tape laying around for a year or so, again wouldn't miss it too much if I did terrible.

It did turn out though and #1 likes it. I'm going to get some more bias tape, won't do hems any other way now if I can help it (!), and I'll try again with some more modifications.

The basketball is almost always with her now. Her brothers gave it to her for Christmas and now that practice has started again, its all basketball.

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