Tuesday, January 27, 2009


The kids got a basketball hoop for Christmas from Papa B. Mr. Wiedz got it to our house and put together last week. #1 went right to it. Mr. Wiedz taught her "around the world" and mostly she had a lot of fun playing with him. Most days after school she shoots until she makes 20 baskets.

Her game last weekend showed her practice is paying off. She made 4 baskets in the game. An improvement over the 2 she made the week before and the 0 she made all of last season!


Another Stacy said...

are you worried about the possibility of the ball busting through the window right behind the basket??!

Stacy said...

he! he! All the windows here are double paned and I *think* are able to take just about anything. That said, I think I'm resigned to some broken windows at some point in my future.