Friday, January 9, 2009

A walk for our sanity

Thursday was turning into a LONG day. When #1 got home from school and started crying because she couldn't hear a movie on TV over the screaming/yelling/craziness of her brothers I figured SOMETHING had to be done to get us through the late afternoon hours.

A walk to our local "pooh sticks" bridge was in order. The kids and I haven't walked to the bridge in a LONG time. Another thing I've put off figuring it was too much work with the baby.

This Thursday though it didn't seem like too much work. It was a nice walk. We got our blood pumping. Got our wiggles out. Breathed deep. Watched the water flow both where is should and where is only because of all the rain and snow-melt. We also collected some new treasures to start our own nature table, trying to bring a little of the outside in.

After we finished throwing sticks in the fast moving water we started back for home. The walk back always comes with more whining and it was getting colder. The man who owns some horses on the way back came out to feed them and invited us to the barn to "help" throw the hay and to visit the horses. The kids have visited there before on walks with Grandma D.

It was all a great way to spend the late afternoon. By the time we got back it was time to whip up dinner, run around and play, takes baths, have a story and get to bed.

A Thursday saved.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes the best cure is some fresh air and exercise. A Thursday saved is always a good thing.

Aly sun said...

Good idea and one I use all the time. I've enjoyed the last few days of sun. When it is pouring down rain, it is not so great.

Rachel Anne said...

It's funny how often I overlook the obvious! Fresh air and exercise is so good for everyone. My best friend was just saying she took her boys outside for 20 minutes, just before she was going to kill them as a final bit of joy before the End. An hour and a half later, everyone was tired and in much better spirits so she let them live for another day. I think stick throwing was included in their outing, too, so maybe there is a connection.

mholgate said...

I really enjoyed reading about your children today. I have five kids of my own, pretty close in age. 7,6,5,4 and 2. I can relate to the "terrible twos." My youngest has a sweatshirt that says "Warning, I am Two" and he wears it well! : ) He and all my others are such a joy though!

Getting outside is a great idea. My kids are about to go build an igloo in the back yard with their dad. : )


Anonymous said...

I've been trying to take my daughter out as much as I can before the rains start. Good thing we have a sunroom to play in even if it does. I'm glad things worked out.