Friday, January 16, 2009

Sewing: Part 2

During our remodel mess and subsequent cleaning and organizing I started a "tub" of unfinished projects that were stored in various craft closets. After Christmas my goal has been to get to finishing some of these projects.

This bag is one of them.

A couple years back I started looking into ways to make my own grocery bags. At the grocery store I frequent they give you $.06 for each bag, plus it just is a handy and sometimes cute way to carry things around.

I found a pattern/tutorial for making a bag just like the plastic store ones and saved it in my favorites. Sometime later I decided what fabric I wanted to use and set it aside.

Fast forward a couple years and during nap time last week I made the bag! The fabric was in my unfinished projects tub and the pattern still saved in my favorites, most importantly, the link still worked!

A friend gave me the cute Mary Engelbriet fabric before #1 was born, 7 years ago (thank you, Jennifer) and I think it was put to good use.
I used the bag last night at the store and it worked but I think I have some modifications in mind for next time.

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Aly sun said...

I've made lot of bags like these. I just cut apart a plastic bag and cut out the fabric. It look me quite a long time to figure out he darting on the bottom on the first few. I should have used this pattern. I'd be interested in hearing about the improvements you make.