Monday, January 26, 2009

Unfinished Projects

I emptied my unfinished projects tub the other evening and took a picture of everything in there. Some things are small, like the bags in the front right of the photo, they only need drawstrings. Some things are big, like the wall hanging in the back right that needs backed and quilted. Or all the pieces of last years $5 Quilt Club blocks and Challenge blocks that need put together and finished in their own quilts. The bag in the top left...full of half started quilt blocks that are from my even earlier beginning days...scary!

Hopefully in the weeks/months ahead you'll be seeing these things in their finished state!


Another Stacy said...

love the red work. did you ever start/finish the presidential busts?

Stacy said...

I do have about 10 of the president's heads done...we keep getting new presidents before I finish another block...not a good pace. I need to order President Bush's and President Obama's heads to keep my collection up to date!

Another Stacy said...

10 of 44 -- you're already 23% done! tee hee.