Thursday, January 8, 2009

Trying something new

Alysun over at Paradise posted about her kids playing in the sink the other day. She had photos of her littlest one standing at the sink playing. Her littlest is the same age at #4. Playing in the sink is not something I've ever given #4 the opportunity to do.
It is so messy.
It takes too much effort on my part.
But she said something in her post that got me thinking, knowing that cleaning up a little water and changing a wet baby is easier than a defiant child or in my case a bored baby. I had never thought of cleaning up the water or changing the baby as easy but yesterday I let him try. He loved it. His smile and excitement were so cute.

While his brothers were occupied doing something else and wouldn't compete for space at the sink, therefore knocking #4 from his stool, he played for a long while. I got dishes done and tidied up the kitchen. He had fun. I only stopped him when he started dumping cupfuls of water on the floor.

And clean up was easy. I've even started thinking that some spilled water on the floor is a good way to get a spot on the floor mopped!
Thanks for the idea, Alysun.


Aly sun said...

Great! I'm so glad you BOTH had a good time. I talked to another friend who said she tried it and it was a miserable failure and such a mess. If the sink doesn't work, there is always the bath.

Dani said...

My mom gave my 10 month old a bath in her sink when she was keeping him. Now every time he sees it, he wants to get in. I guess when he gets old enough I'll have to let him play in it, too.

Stacy said...


I let my older children play in the sink quite a bit when they were 12-18 months old. This #4, he hasn't had any of these fun experiences since those pesky siblings always get in the way. And Alysun was was easy to clean up. The soap mess he made yesterday by climbing into the bathtub though was not so much fun.

secondofwett said...

Ah....those were the days....

Fishy Girl said...

You're such a good mom.