Thursday, August 23, 2012

History is Alive :: Aztec Hot Chocolate

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In our history travels we made it to the early America Kingdoms. We covered the Mayans of Central America, the Aztecs and their city of Tenochtitlan, and the Incas. There were a lot of activities I wanted to cover in this chapter, but I just couldn't do it all! #2 and I did some Mayan mathematics, using Mayan numbers. He's my math guy so he thought this was pretty cool. 

But as a group we made Aztec hot chocolate. The Aztecs often put spices in their cocoa mixture so that's what the recipe from the activity book called for. I served ours with a scoop of whipped topping to help boost the sweetness. It didn't really work, the mugs looked quite similar to the bottom picture when we were done, just with melted whipped one really enjoyed their Aztec hot chocolate. It was interesting though and fun to try something new.

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Michelle said...

That's too bad it didn't taste good. It sounded really good when I saw the post title! I wonder if you can just add some cinnamon to regular hot cocoa?

Also meant to say in my last comment - thank you for linking up to the blog roll and link up! I have up to Beyond done now. :)