Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Rowing :: Storm in the Night

We rowed Storm in the Night in April. To be honest, it wasn't my favorite book. I didn't love the way it flowed and it just could have been a better story. The boys were a bit wishy washy about it. They liked parts and *got* it but didn't *love* it. I did what Michelle did and read Thunder Cake to go along with it, I saw it at the library and I remembered her mentioning it and how well it went with our row. I'm with her, wish we had rowed Tundercake instead.


We made a rain gauge and tracked our rain for a couple of weeks. It rains A LOT here in Oregon so we were not disappointed though I'm glad we kept going for a couple of weeks, just when you want it to rain it doesn't for a few days.

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There was a lot of these rain clouds in a jar on pinterest and of course I pinned one then tried it for our row. I just used straight food coloring but I think that I should have made colored water. I think the food coloring was too heavy to work through the cloud but they got a kick out of it and it did "work" in the end.

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And what row about clouds (or snow really) would be complete without playing with shaving cream on the table. I even got them to write sight words and their names in the cream! Yay for learning!

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