Monday, August 27, 2012

Project :: Headband for #6

I'm was thinking July may have to be the month I catch up...but it looks like it'll take me all summer since I don't even write up my catch-up posts as often as I intended! I looked over my list of things I wanted to write about, share here, document and remember. I'm behind. I always say {at least to myself} that I will be more consistent. Perhaps it just is what it is and I won't worry about it but with no journal and no scrapbook, this space is where I keep track of most of our I'll catch up.

We are in the heat of summer, which I really don't like, last year we started school by now just so we could be inside instead of out in the heat. So I'm knitting, which is evident by the fact that the only posts have been Yarn Along posts.

Now, here's a post about a project I made for #6 back in MAY...


Every little girl needs a headband right? I thought #6 did so I decided to knit one for her. Size one needles and really little yarn meant that what I thought would be a quick project during a couple basketball practices, turned out to take a long time. It turned out just like I hoped though. I love how the construction went; all garter stitch so that was easy, the loop for the bow hides the seam of the headband part and a rectangle goes through the loop to make a bow! So sweet.
(Ravelry notes here)

As it turns out I'm not so good at remembering to put bows on my girl. I'll keep trying but will probably have to gift this one on to the next baby's just too cute to not get more wear out of (and it really did take awhile!). 

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