Thursday, August 9, 2012

5 months


Another month. I'm so enjoying the pictures showing #6's growth each month and I know I will LOVE having these post to look back on, especially these ones that her siblings wrote, telling how much they love and what they are observing about her.

It's #3's turn to tell you about our sweet #6...
  • She rolls over both ways now.
  • She likes being held
  • She is a sweet little bug.

Little miss #6 is getting so big! She can squirm around, getting across the room if she wants. She's starting to "talk" a lot and smiles and laughs at her siblings. She LOVES his siblings...watching them in all their antics around her. She is sleeping well, some nights she wakes once but more often then not she sleeps through until the rest of us wake up.

Wanna see other months?

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Michelle said...

Stacy, she is melt my heart sweet! ♥