Thursday, August 5, 2010

The day I became an old lady

Mr. Wiedz tells me often that I do things that old ladies do...
  • knitting
  • quilting
  • whining about my aches and pains

I now add having shelf paper to the list.

We've had a problem with ants this summer. I know I'm not the best housekeeper but even I have not had ants like this. Our old house was never like this...I think the nests (like lots and lots of nests) I found in the flower bed outside the kitchen window while weeding a couple of weeks ago might be the problem!

Anyway, after all the weeks of battling ants all day long I decided yesterday morning that I had had enough! Prompted by Mr. Wiedz finding a couple of ants in his cereal and after leaving the bag out I found the bag covered in ants...I set out to deep clean the kitchen.

I'd used the whole can of Lysol in my attempt to kill ants so far this summer so yesterday I went with Pine Sol, hoping they didn't like that either. I removed every item from the cupboards, a good time to purge items that were empty or past dates, and wiped out each cupboard. As I started putting items away I remembered some shelf paper I had in a box in the garage...I've been storing it for quite a few years. I figured nothing would say clean and fresh and organized like shelf paper on my cupboard shelves.

As I lined the first shelf I was taken back to my high school years. As a way to help pay for piano lessons I bartered with the teacher, an elderly lady that lived up the street, by helping her and her husband around the house. One job she gave me was lining each kitchen cupboard shelf with shelf paper.

So as I lined my own kitchen cupboard shelves I felt like such an old lady.


Aly sun said...

"Old lady" is the new cool!

Erin said...

i've been told to put orange oil around the inside of the house (maybe it'd work on along the outside, too?). we have a real problem w/fire ants here.