Wednesday, August 4, 2010

"What will you do with them?!"

A dear friend commented, "What will you do with them?!" upon hearing about my successful blueberry picking adventure.

My answer is: freeze them!

But each time those words come out of my mouth I am met with groans and gasps. My family LOVES fresh blueberries and each person has probably eaten their weight in the small blue orbs. Mr. Wiedz grabs a handful anytime he's near the kitchen.

I pulled chairs to the sink and let #3 and #4 help me clean and bag some of the berries. They thought it was great fun.

We did have blueberry pancakes for dinner last night, though not a great success. And I hear Mindy has some great blueberry recipes.

As for now, I have 4 gallon ziploc-bags full of frozen berries in the freezer! Bring on January!

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Grace said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! Your comments have been so encouraging! We love frozen blueberries here. Pancakes, muffins, coffee cakes, but our favorite is smoothies! Yum!