Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Some string...a door...a tooth

# 2 lost one of his front teeth in June. The other front tooth became loose shortly after and I told him I thought it would be so cool if he lost the second before the first started growing in so he'd be missing both his front teeth at the same time!
But #2 likes to take his time to do things. Mr. Wiedz says he has two gears, slow and just a little bit faster. Loose teeth happen in a similar fashion. He likes to just let them get really wiggly, no wiggling them himself. One of my closest friends and her husband TrevStac came for a visit a week ago, the Trev part of TrevStac being a dentist tried to get #2 to let him pull out the pretty wiggly tooth. Nope, but #2 had fun playing around like he would let him then shutting his trap right quick!
Last night Mr. Wiedz left the house to take some sleepover necessities to #1 who was at a friends house. As soon as he left #2 wondered if we could get his tooth pulled before Mr. Wiedz got back. He also wanted to try tying a string to the tooth and the doorknob and slamming the door. I got out some string, tied some slip knots and we gave it a go.

The door did nothing but I think trying to get the string tightly around the tooth got the tooth REALLY loose. One pull with a washcloth and we were in business! #2 was so excited...Mr. Wiedz thought it was so cool...the tooth fairy made her appearance...and I got my little boy missing his two front teeth!

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Anonymous said...

Doesn't look like it went well because it looks sorta bloody.