Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Mr. Wiedz: Near miss, in lies the award

Had a very scary moment last night on the river. Pinched the boat between the bank and a log, came close to taking on 3000+ gallons of cool McKenzie River water. Fortunately, only Grampy was on the boat. Mr. K, talked me off the cliff, and was able to help me calm, take a deep breath and work through the issue. He is a good man to say the least. 45 minutes passed and we dis-lodged the boat. No joke, it could have been disastrous.

Anyhow, why is this "blog worthy" and how is it congruent with my previous posts. As I mentioned, Grampy almost went to be with the Lord, with his major heart attack a couple of years ago. Upon his healing, he awoke and concluded that he needed to spend time on the river. Fair enough, after all, if you almost die, what would you like to do, accomplish, visit, or heal a relationship. Fair game as far as I am concerned. As we arrived back to the house, we, smiled, chuckled about the close call, and then embraced. We had just built a priceless memory, scary, but non the less, priceless.

This concept of building memories, is irreplaceable. I have never been one to look over my should and wonder if I should have done something different. What I have done is mix up my priorities. Talking on the cell phone when I have one of the kids in the car, more focused on mowing the lawn that playing ball with the boys, or holding a grudge that interfeers with an individual who might not be around forever, or even pushing away a hug from a loved one because of life's frustrations that don't directly effect the moment in the least. I have failed year after year to not pick up the phone and make the call because "I just did not have time".

I challenge you all to take a deep breath, and analyze your priorities. Priorities with children, family, faith, work and life. It may not be the most comfortable, however, it might become the most refreshing thing you have done is some time and I am not talking about the refreshing water.

Be safe,

Mr. Wiedz

Never shall I forget the times I spent with you; continue to be my friend, as you will always find me yours.
Ludwig Van Beethoven

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Anonymous said...

so glad you're safe mr. wiedz.