Monday, August 9, 2010

Girls Weekend

While our boys took a trip to the woods #1, #5 and I spent the weekend in true girly fashion. Poor #5 doesn't get to go on the boys trip for quite a few years, I think I may need to find a Grandma to keep him for the next couple as the girly things will no longer be interesting in the coming years.

We started with a box of "frost and glow" for #1. My sister, Aunt AS* does hair but has a rule that won't allow her girls to have color treatment until they are older. With that rule she didn't think it fair to do #1's hair. Agreed.

I was planning on spraying hydrogen peroxide in her hair on a sunny day until my mom said it would ruin her hair and suggested this familiar box. This is what she used to use on me when I was young and wanting to try something new.

I have no pictures of the process since once I started it was a race to the top of her head to get it done before all the hair at the base of her neck fell out. As you can see I didn't really do too much. There are some spots that could be better but she is thrilled and expects she'll look just like Taylor Swift for Halloween.

Our meals consisted of a couple sandwich and chips combos as well as a treat to Dickie Jos and chicken from Dairy Mart. Hardly no cooking and I didn't do dishes until Sunday! I'm not saying I didn't need to dishes until Sunday...full disclosure you see.

We spent most of Friday out in town shopping. Spending a lot of time in the JoAnns Fabric store picking up what we'd need for the rest of our planned weekend.

To finish off shopping/spa day I gave #1 a mini manicure/pedicure. She'd seen french manicured false nails somewhere and wanted the same look. I told her french manicures were only for girly weekends as they took too much concentration for when the boys were around and on a normal day I was too tired to do something that complicated after bedtime. She was thrilled with the results!

My two easy children stayed in bed and cuddled in bed with me until we were just plain good and ready to get up. A true treat for the mama!
Saturday: Let Craft Day begin!!!!
#1 had actually spent three days last week at Girl Scouts sewing day-camp making a pair of pajama pants. She enjoyed it so much and had success with the pattern that she wanted to do it again. We got the necessary pattern and fabric on our shopping day and #1 set to making a new pair of pants on her own.
When she got to a tricky part of the pattern I tried to get her to slow down and think through the directions with me. In true #1 fashion she just steamed ahead saying, "I'll just do it like we did at Girl Scouts."
Of course if she'd have slowed down she would have realized that I was trying to get her to see that her right sides weren't together so when she got done doing it her way she had to sit and ripe the seam out. It took all the restraint I had not to do a little "neener neener neener, I told you so" dance. (I did post it on facebook but that doesn't count-my brother told me I was being real mature.)

Of course girly weekend wouldn't be complete without movies from the red box machine that the boys would groan and roll their eyes at.

We finished our weekend by a morning at church. I shared with #1 a secret about our church so far unknown by the children, the cafe. We got there early and shared a doughnut after dropping #5 at the nursery (his first time-ekkk). And we had to spend a little time on actual housekeeping...dishes, you know and getting ready for all the laundry that was going to come home with our men.

I'm loving this tradition of camping weekends with daddy. #1 had her turn at the beginning of summer and now the boys have had their weekend (I'll report on that later). The best part for me, of course, is getting the other side and making our own special memories.

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