Friday, August 13, 2010

Living Next to a Florist Has Advantages

Our next door neighbors/landlords are the owners of a great florist shop in town (3 locations actually). This has been very advantageous for me, flowers for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, just because, our anniversary AND the neighbors themselves just send some over every so often. I've never had so many flowers displayed through my house.
The other day, in an attempt to DO something with the boys on a long afternoon we went on a walk through the farm.
It's been a least 3 months since I've walked through the farm and so much has grown, been planted, weeded, worked and tended. It was beautiful. So much is blooming right now and they do such a great job of taking care of everything. I found a bunch of places I'd love to take kids and snap some portrait type photos...great background out there!

As a bonus the boys and I found a jackpot of blackberries to pick! At our old house we had a whole road lined with blackberries. A great lesson in plant life (blooms turning to berries and waiting for them to be sweet enough to eat) and the children could go out whenever they wanted and pick. I was worried we would have to go without our berry eating and berry pie this summer so I was relieved as they were to see the fabulous berries!

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