Tuesday, August 10, 2010

To strike fear in any 21st Century mom

All my babies have been swaddlers. They love it. They don't sleep without it. I actually remember when shortly after we moved back home from California with #1. The first six weeks of her life in California had her spending most every nap in my arms. I did't work and we lived in a small, easy to care for duplex so I spent my days holding her. When we moved back and I had boxes to unpack and friends to see and Mr. Wiedz's new real estate business to help with and...a life, I had to put her down. Only thing was she wouldn't stay asleep for more than 10 minutes during the day. Even in the swing. I was telling whining about this to my neighbor who asked, "don't you swaddle her at night?" Why, yes of course. "Why don't you swaddle her for her naps?" Ahhhhhh. The angels sing. Naptimes! Amazing! That's all it took. And #1 liked to be swaddled and didn't break out until well after her 8 month!

Of course moms now are told to put our babies to sleep on their backs. Never a problem for my babies. My mother-in-law asks in amazement with every child if they sleep on their backs. Yep. Like champs. With the bald spots to prove it.

Now enter #5. Being swaddled real nice just like his brothers and sister. #5 learned to roll over just about when he turned 4 months. (Good thing I blog, I've already forgotten when he rolled over. *sigh*) One evening #1 went into their room for something after dinner and came out to say we've got to see #5! Not only had he unswaddled himself but he'd rolled to his stomach bunched up in all the blankets.

I couldn't help myself, I had to move his head so I'd know he was breathing, which of course woke him up.

It's just fully ingrained in me...babies sleep on their backs!

Now of course I don't swaddle him (my earliest EVER) and he stays on his back all on his own!

Crazy baby!

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Aly sun said...

I'm not gasping in horror because my 3 babies slept on their tummies. With each sucessive child, I tried for a shorter amount of time to swaddle/back sleep. They were having none of it. I've done tons and tons of research on the topic and can't find anything to say that tummy sleeping is any less safe than back sleeping -- they say so, but why? I can't find any statistics even!

Here's to happy babies! And crazy un-swaddling, early rolling, tummy sleeping ones!