Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I'm not really ready for today...

There's nothing special about it and that's probably my problem. Just the mundane of a Wednesday in August.

Have I ever told you August is my least favorite month? It is. The lawn I meant to keep green is not. Everything just wants water. The summer lazy routine is old and not working anymore but it's too early for the school routine. Yeah, not a big fan of August.

There was an awesome thunder storm last night as I made dinner. At one rumble it felt like the thunder was RIGHT over our house. #4 was helping me with dinner and every time the thunder would roll he'd want to go see...nothing to see buddy, we just get to hear it! After dinner we went and stood in the rain. It was refreshing. While out there I found this. I love cloud breaks, to see a glimpse of heaven.

This morning as we're trying to get ready for the day. I'm feeling August. In need of a new routine. Looking for the sweet and good and memorable for the day though.

Chubby, dimpled baby hands will do.

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