Tuesday, August 3, 2010

What should we do today?

Sunday evening I thought of it...Monday morning I was wavering...while the children ate breaky I saw this post and decided.

It was time to pick blueberries!

In preparation for berry season I called around/found farms on the internet that were in my new area. They all charged WAY too much for u-pick. My old MOPS friend, Alyson, picked berries at the farm we used to go to near Corvallis and reported that the berries were $1.25/pound. Over half what they wanted down here in new town.

Mr. Wiedz' mom, Grammie D, was here for a sleepover Sunday night so when she came out looking for coffee as the kids finished breaky I said lets get going, we'll get you coffee at Dari Mart on the way.

We took a beautiful country drive from new town to Corvallis. Got to the berry farm, found out what rows were being picked and got our containers weighed.

The kids turned out to be awesome berry pickers. By the time I got everyone out, took some pictures and started picking myself #1 already had a full bucket. It took us under half an hour to have all the berries we wanted!

25 and a half pounds, a walk, some nursing time, a stop at the dollar store for gallon-size ziploc bags, and 7-11 for another cup of coffee later we were on the road back home.

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