Sunday, August 8, 2010

Mr. Wiedz : I am back, at least for now

I have had people ask me to blog, however it has not necessarily been my thing. As a matter of fact, I think it has been over a year since my last guest post, a post from South America as a matter of fact. I should probably look it up and review what I might have said. At that point in my life, I was running on 20, 20 hours awake a day, global travel and fast paced lifestyle, anyhow, more on that later.

Quite a bit has happened over the past year. To begin, I went back to school finished up my undergraduate degree at the University of Oregon, Public Policy, Planning and Management from the School of Architecture. I was hired by a local organization that makes high tech light bulbs and became promoted to VP. Our youngest (4 months) was born, and everyone else has grown older. The days pass quickly. Mrs. Wiedz and I are tired, raising our brood is tough.

Ok, enough with what you all already know. I have spent quite a bit of time the past few years trying to further define who I am. Frankly, I am not sure I will ever really know, however, one could say I am at peace with where I am at currently. Some of this has arrived from tribulations, growing older, listening, making good decisions.

Here is the point, a couple of critical things have happened in the past years that have really shaped my adult life. I am planning on getting into a few details depending on the interest, time will tell. To hit a few highlights, I traveled the world as Director of Global Sales for a billion dollar company, as my good friend C$ would say, whores and blow. We purchased a golf resort for $7,000,000 that went bankrupt (ouch:(). My father had an emergency quadruple bypass open heart surgery (15 days completely out) and almost died. My other father also almost died in a head on car accident in which the other party did die at the scene, who had five children, like me of course. A business associate was charged with felony sex abuse. I have had multiple falling outs with friends whom I thought I had unbreakable ties. And of course I remain married, 13 years, 8 pregnancies, 5 children, to be exact, sigh.................

I recognize that I know very little in the bigger scheme, but I have done quite a bit in my 33 years. This said, I have struggled with the critical questions, most specifically, "what will define me when I am gone?". Have you ever asked yourself that? If you don't, your seriously missing the point in my opinion. Truth be told, I ask myself this question daily. This questions is partly why I am am writing this post. I have decided that I have stories to tell, advice to give, and potentially a few things to get off my chest. Please don't expect everything at once. For goodness sake, at my current rate everyone will be gone before I get to the juicy stuff! I have been told I can be a little long winded, so I will try and keep things fairly short and sweet, again, only time will tell if I am successful.

Here is what I need from the readers. I simply need to know if you are still out there paying attention. Drop a note as I am happy to review comments, both good and bad. At the very least, I will know somebody is interested. In closing, what I can't promise is perfect, punctual reading. What I can promise is truth, insight into my soul, an honest effort. I also plan on sharing a few concepts in business, raising children from a man's standpoint, a look into being a somewhat decent husband (after all, I am a statistic, I have made in 13 years), and managing life's daily challenges.

I am getting long winded, I can feel it. Enough... Enough........

More tomorrow, or maybe later in the week, if my wife still lets me.

Be safe,

Mr. Wiedz

"If you don't like change, you will like irrelevance even less"

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