Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mr. Wiedz: "Look dad, a naked man on the river bank", huh!

Best money I ever spent! Talk about making memories. Took Wiedz Wonder out for a spin on the McKenzie River Saturday AM for an early morning drift with Sissy, Bro, and "Pro" (IE: Young man that works for me). We had a great float, made it through without any hick-ups. Quite an improvement form the week before. Anyhow, about 3 hours in to the float, I look down stream, nearly 1/2 mile and briefly nudge Pro. "Pro, I think their might be a hotty down there in a bikini". After all, he is 23, good looking, and a former professional baseball player. He has quite a bit to offer. He looks up and gives me a funny look. As we get a little closer, I see a second individual, hands on hips, 10" in the water, leaning back and forth, full frontal. Puzzled, I look back at Pro and say, Pro, that kinda looks like a naked guy standing in the water. Please note, I have bad vision at best with my glasses on. That said, It did not take long for me to recognize the grin on Pro's face, followed by laughter.

About that time, Sissy in the bow-side right, looking on the bank, some 100 feet away looks up and says "Daddy, why is there a naked man on the beach!" I dropped my head, trying to keep a straight face. We are now no more than 50 feet away. I am rowing my a** off, trying to hug the left side of the river and float past. Needless to say, Wiedz Wonder is 20' long, the equivalent of a 1967 Lincoln with suicide doors, yes, it is that long, and slow. As we are now parallel and floating past, the man turns. Fortunately, we did not have to see his***##$$%%!!!!, we did get to see his bare ass, I could have done without. The lady, let's call her Suzy, was not so generous. Although Suzy did have a bikini, she remained topless, for all the world to see. I only wish... if I had to partake, she was a super model.

As we passed, Bro looks back totally puzzled, Sissy has figured it out, Pro is laughing hysterically, and I am trying to figure out an explanation. The only thing I could say was this:

"Bro, the truth is, I think that man was wearing a bathing suit that was the same color of his skin, pretty cool. Sissy, sometimes we have free spirits in Eugene". LOOOK, a huge bird on the other side of the bank!!!!, Everyone turns, I row as hard as I can, take a drink of cold coors light, and smile. Where the bird go dad? Sorry son, you have to look quicker next time.

Life is good.

Be safe,

Mr. Wiedz

"I always new that looking back on my tears would bring me laughter, but I never new that looking back on my laughter would make me cry"

Cat Stevens

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