Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pie and Science

A couple of weeks ago on our walk through the "farm" the boys and I noticed the blackberry patch. I was unsure our new place would have the same blackberry opportunities our old house had. At the old house, blackberries were plentiful and right out our door all along the driveway. The kids spent many a summer afternoon at the old house in the driveway picking berries. These were memories I was afraid we were going to have to do without this year so imagine my excitement when we found them all!

The other issue: in my book it isn't summer until there is a blackberry pie.

My plan during our school day is for #3 and #4 to have some "activity" time with mom. Yesterday we started making pie crust. But baby woke up or whatever #2 was doing wasn't working anymore, something happened to end our crust making. We picked it up today and the stars must have aligned because not only did we finish the crust but the entire pie!

#4 started asking as soon as Mr. Wiedz pulled into the driveway if it was time for pie. Everyone was excited!

We also had a fun science lesson today at the florist work barn. Dyeing sunflowers! The lovely florist-neighbors gave me a bouquet of beautiful sunflowers on Sunday. When I was cutting them and putting them in water I noticed that half of them were dyed red. Not only beautiful but a great science lesson to have ready made with a field trip to the barn. We saw racks full of tubs of dye filled with sunflowers. The kids thought it was great...although the boys thought the apples and the plums in the trees were just as good!

#1's report on our little science field trip.
#5 got a taste of ice cream too...he loved it!

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