Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I was going about my normal blog reading routine yesterday morning when I came across this thought from DesignMom.

"I’ve found myself pouting because it’s the last weekend of summer vacation at the Blair house. Pout! Has it been a summer worth remembering? Did my kids feel barefoot and fancy free? Were enough popsicles consumed? These questions weigh on me."

I thought about the summer here in the Wiedz home. Has it been worth remembering? Fancy free? Popsicles? Fun?

My sister said something to me at the beginning of summer about only having eight more summers with her son before he graduates from high school. We were talking about using those carefree days to fill with memories, for him (for our children) but probably more importantly for ourselves.

Between the two ideas floating around in my head yesterday I decided to leave the laundry, dishes, clutter, school preparations and general to-do lists here and we went to the park. I stopped for popsicles, found some recycled plastic containers for the sand and water feature, made sure I had a blanket to sit on and my project to work on.

Someone (#1) thought it would work to get the sand off by rolling down the hill. They had fun, I'm not sure the sand went anywhere but the boys were very itch-y from rolling in the grass...

Here's to the end of summer! Make it memorable!

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Anonymous said...

love your post s-ter, especially the pics of the kids rolling down the hill. great reminders for me. ;)