Thursday, August 12, 2010

That time of year

You may have noticed I'm a bit of a fan of schedules and routines and charts. I looked through my blog list to see if I could find some blogging doesn't really represent how crazed I can be about it, it seems.

Well, as a schedule-routine-chart person I really enjoy New Years and September. And even more so this year as we're about to embark on our first homeschooling year.

I've read lots of blog posts about organizing and setting up and schedules and how different people implement their days. I got a lot of good tips from this one. And set out to make some spreadsheets like she talks about so I'd have everything in one place.

Almost all of our books are ordered, I've got to go to one more publisher's site and get two more books. And the kids have enjoyed seeing the growing stacks. The biggest hits have been the math manipulatives - already hours of learning fun had with our math tiles and counting bears. I've got spreadsheet and spreadsheet and spreadsheet to keep myself on task.

At the end of the month Mr. Wiedz and I will get some shelves made and I'll get to put everything out organized and ready to go.

I'm hoping all the schedule-making is done before canning season starts this year. I'm trying to have a positive outlook about canning. I've been reading a lot about "taking every thought captive," I'm doing that about canning right now!

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