Monday, September 8, 2008

chore pockets

I saw a similar project at the beginning of the summer and really liked all I found to read about it. But I didn't really do anything. We made our way through summer with a chore here or there and asking the big kids to do things but, really no plan. School came around the corner and with it all the routine-ness of fall so now was a great time to implement a chore plan. I did something last year with a spreadsheet, a checklist of sorts of their responsibilities. This year I started with some index cards with each responsibility written on it. Parts of the plan worked really nicely. But not all the cards would fit on the fridge, so each afternoon I'd have to remember to lay out the evening responsibility cards. Also in the morning there was no way of marking the done responsibilities, in the afternoon they were turned over as they were completed. So, we had some things working and some others not.
Today I got out material (thanks Grammie N) and knocked out a system of getting the cards out all the time (no more remembering to get out the evening ones) and being able to figure out which ones are done already (just put the finished card at the back of the pocket, the evening one or morning one is now waiting).

I've still have some adjustments to make the system really great. Remark morning and evening on the tops of the cards, the portion that pokes out of the pocket. And I need to do some pictures on #2's, since he can't read yet I need a system for him to know what comes next so I don't have to stand there and read each one.

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