Friday, September 19, 2008

1 year old portraits

#4 has never been to a photo studio. Finances in his year of life haven't provided much extra to spend on portraits so I've done it myself all year with results that I like better! So #4's birthday is coming in a couple weeks and I set out to take his 1 year old portrait the other day.

I picked a day that it was just #3 and #4 with me at home, Mr. Wiedz had #2 and #1 was at school. This kind of thing is easier with fewer kids involved in helping me. Although the day was right, #4 wasn't feeling great, running a small fever. As a model, he wasn't the greatest. He wasn't even his normal smiley self.

I did get a couple usable ones but mostly the look like this:
#3 wanted to help so much but mostly he wanted to be IN the pictures.

Or he would be great but I would have moved around so much getting to look at me with a happy look on his face that the photo would turn out like this:*I would love to show you a really cute one but Mr. Wiedz has strict security issues that prevent me from posting pictures of the kids' actual faces. So sorry!