Monday, September 1, 2008

Catching up...

I never got around to blogging about the boat.

Mr. Wiedz thought it would be fun to borrow his friends boat. Remember the day I had to go and pick Mr. Wiedz up from a trip to Eastern Oregon? When I got half way to our meeting place Mr. Wiedz informed me that they were pulling the trailer with friend's drift boat. He thought it would be fun to take the family out on the boat. I thought..."right, in all that spare time you have."

That night as Mr. Wiedz transferred his belongings from his friends vehicle to ours and friend started moving the trailer. I noticed the tire was quite low and mentioned it. They kicked it. They looked around for air to pump it back up. They decided we could make it to the next town that would have air available at a gas station open later than the town we were in.

So we headed off.

We didn't make it far before the tire was coming apart. We decided to turn around and park the trailer at a friends lake cabin. All the way through this sleepy town we made so much noise dragging the tire which was now throwing sparks from the rim.

We got to the cabin and had to unhitch the trailer and walk it down the embankment to the driveway without killing ourselves or letting go and sending the trailer careening down the steep hill into the house. Not a small feat.

Mr. Wiedz jacked up the trailer and removed the wheel by flashlight. That job done, we were able to finally head home. Mind you all of this was happening at 11:00 PM.

The next day Mr. Wiedz took the big kids with him to get a new tire mounted on the rim and take it back to the trailer.

After finishing that job he took the kids to Lost Lake for a boating day. #4 and I stayed home since it wasn't that great of a day weather-wise and since the boat wouldn't hold us all anyways. I didn't want to hold #4 on a cold shore for the day when I could be home "alone" for the day.

I did have a great day. After the kids and Mr. Wiedz left I went back to bed while #4 took a fantastic nap. I ate what I wanted to for lunch. Lounged around and read my book. Watched a movie. Did a little bit of laundry but not too much work. It was fabulous!

The boaters of the family had fun too. #3 caught his first fish, which he was so proud. #1 had a couple fish on but they got away before getting into the boat.

Fun for everyone.

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