Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Go Fighting Ducks!

Football season has arrived!

We're UO Duck fans around the Wiedz home. Mr. Wiedz has season tickets and LOVES attending the games. Last year each of the older kids got to go to a game too. This year Grandpa N was going to go to the opening game. Grandpa N fell about a month ago, breaking some ribs, so he is still recovering and the 2 mile walk and the long flight of stairs to the seats just wasn't a good idea. Mr. Wiedz took #2 instead.

Not that #2 does very well on the 2 mile walk either.

But they had a good time together. #2 fed the ducks in the park on the way to the stadium. The game was good and it was great to spend time together.

Plus, the Ducks won!

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