Thursday, September 11, 2008

canning: day 3

7 quarts of peaches...they weren't ripe enough so we quit after that cannerful.

21 quarts of pears...the ones I got from my friends were awesome! Ripe, easy to peal and much better than anything else I've canned.

7 quarts of first time, it was very easy. Hopefully we like them.

No pictures.

That's all I'm saying tonight. I'm tired!

Plus I folded that mountain of laundry and mostly put it that I mean the towels I put away, the little boy's I put away, #1 put her own away, #2 put his own away, and Mr. Wiedz' and mine is sitting on our bed until we move it to the floor or the top of the dresser or the chair before climbing into bed. I'll put it away tomorrow, although I have to wash, dry and fold more tomorrow.


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