Monday, September 15, 2008

ABC Gum...and other things about the kids

Just a couple random thoughts I've had about my kids lately:

1. They do crazy things. Just now...climbing onto the back of the recliner and "sliding" down. How do they come up with these things? Even #4, although he can't climb up he's standing at the base of their climbing area and trying.

2. #2 started saying girl correctly. He's been saying "greel" forever and just recently he's got the sound right. It made me kind of sad to hear it go.

3. #3 is thinking that he might be ready to use the potty. He takes off his diaper at some point most days and runs around free. When free he really knows what to do and where to he gets chocolate chips as a reward. Only willing to do this when he wants to though...when he doesn't want to there's no go.

4. #1 asked #2 tonight at dinner if he wanted some ABC Gum (already been chewed). She thought she was hilarious. I thought it was so funny, something I remember doing and saying so long ago is fresh and new and she thinks her and her friends are so clever for thinking it up.

5. #2 doesn't look like a little boy anymore. He looks like a big kid. It has just happened really, one day I looked at him and he's 5 (although not really for a couple more weeks).

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