Friday, September 19, 2008

Doing some baking...

I really do like to cook and bake. At family functions with Mr. Wiedz' family everyone always tells me to go relax..."you've been in the kitchen all day". But I'm quick to tell them how much I'm enjoying myself and with all the kids occupied by attentive aunts and uncles I'm happy as a clam.

A few months ago I found a link to a wonderful blog written by Rachael Anne. Each day she posts a "small thing" to help create sanctuary in our homes. Mostly I've just been reading along...her insights into her "small things" are just a great as the "small things" themselves. I especially love the scripture verses she picks each month and did indeed post this month's on my fridge.

This month I've tried some of the "small things". And this week was to cook something from scratch. I don't use too many mixes and the like...they tend to be more expensive then just having raw ingredients so loved the encouragement to get in the kitchen. Plus I took it a little further and let the boys bake with me.

We looked online for a recipe for a from scratch cake. We didn't have any baking powder so we had to keep looking until we found one that used baking soda instead. We did find one, called "day before pay cake". It also called for chopped apples which was a nice touch. Makes me think it is a little healthy snack and we have a lot of great apples right now.
So, the boys and I set off to make it while #4 was down for a nap. They took turns pouring in ingredients and stirring. And each of them got to lick some of the spoons or bowls (#4 woke up just before we were done so got to join in on the licking).
We had fun. And the cake turned out pretty good...really good that afternoon for after-school snack with ice cream. And also good the next morning with coffee.


Camille said...

The cake looks fantastic. I might have to give that one a try myself.

Fishy Girl said...

Cake and apples! What could be better?

a mother too said...

I' a grandmother, and as a grand parent I think these blog are the best!!!!!!!!!!! Even though these are my grandchildren I love to see what my daughter has to say. Just a way of keeping in tune with what they do on a daily basis. More people should do this for their parents.

Zoanna said...

I found my way here from Home Sanctuary. Love your close-up pictures of the cute kiddoes. The recipe sounds yummers.

Mrs. Brownstone @ XBOX Wife said...

Well, the coffee is probably cold almost 48 hours later, but I thought I'd drop in to meet and say hello!

The cake looks delicious! Thanks for the recipe link. Loved the cute pictures, too! It looks like a fun time was had by all!

Hope you had a blessed weekend!

Rachel Anne said...

That cake really does look good, and the dough looks quite delicious as well. My mom used to make an apple cake and I'd forgotten about it until I read this. I'd love to try it.

I'm slow getting around for internet this weekend and it crimped my style.

Love the pictures of the kids...sunglasses and all! :)

Sallie said...

It looks yummy, and so do the blackberries in the pic up top!!

God bless,

forgetfulone said...

Yummmmm! What a great post!