Friday, September 12, 2008

canning: day 4

It was one of those days I don't feel like I got much accomplished. For the canning numbers 7 quarts of peaches. The peaches still are not ripe. In my attempt to have space in my dining room I laid out all the peaches on the hot tub lid out on the back porch. Well, that's a lesson learned for me. Being outside is slowing down their ripening and being in the direct sun is making their skin turn to leather. Not good. Mr. Wiedz brought in the remaining peaches and we tried laying them out on a card table until the other reason I put them on the hot tub became apparent, #4 could reach them and we could foresee the big mess. I moved them again to a high counter. They are now out of every one's reach and hopefully they will ripen and I'll be finished with these cursed things tomorrow. I also got 2 quarts and 5 pints of applesauce done. Tomorrow I plan on doing another 7 pints and then being done with that.

When I was telling a friend about not feeling like I'd gotten much done I also told her about the blackberry pie I made for dessert. She said that was something...Mr. Wiedz agreed!
I got the recipe here. It was great and easy. I did follow the tip in the comments by adding more berries and butter dotted on top of the berries before the top crust. Mr. Wiedz and #3 and #4 picked the berries for me this morning. Mr. Wiedz was glad he did and the boys did a good job of only eating the berries they picked instead of all the berries as they were being picked...we don't usually come back from the blackberries with so many in the bowl.What a sweet end to a long but sweet week.

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