Wednesday, September 10, 2008

pears are done...well almost

I canned more pears today. Some of them were perfect. Large, ripe, easy to peal and core. Like the one above. Ones like that were a rare treat. I was able to get 6 quarts ready to go before #3 woke up from his nap and all of the cans in the canner and everything cleaned up before #4 woke up. Pretty good.

The pears we have picked are canned. Now that only gave me 14 quarts. Those 14 quarts took 2 days and a lot of effort. I'm not too sure that 14 quarts will be enough but I'm waiting to see what I get for peaches before I decide to punish myself by picking more.

Before I was able to hit publish on this post a neighbor called with ripe pears ready to be canned that she can't get to. So before she gave them to the pigs she offered them to me. Well, since I don't have to pick them or wait for them to get ripe I took them. So after tomorrow's planned day of canning peaches I'll be working on pears again! I don't really like canning pears...good thing the family likes to eat them so much

The chickens love canning season! #3 and I took out today's bowlful of pear scraps. The girls love them!

What doesn't get done on a canning day:Mr. Wiedz asked me tonight while I was telling him about the picture I took of the chickens enjoying their part in the canning if I'd taken a picture of the a matter of fact I had. 4 or 5 loads worth that needs to be folded and put away. I was busy! It takes all I've got to can and chase after these people and pick up after them so we're not tripping and to run them back and forth to school and cook and everything else.

Now I'm going to put my feet up and wait for the canner to be done processing.

Peaches tomorrow.

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Another Stacy said...

wasn't going to comment, but love that you called your children "these people." it's simply perfect. congrats on your serious industriousness!