Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Months ago I read this lovely post on a blog I read everyday. I wanted to have a wood pile picture to post...well today I have. And without the ax because we (Mr. Wiedz) didn't have to split all this wood. We ordered 3 cords of wood to be delivered and the first load came yesterday.

Last year we ran out of wood during the last cold snaps of spring. Not this year...we're get prepared.

And from the looks of it 3 loads of firewood will be plenty of work to stack so even though we're missing out on the splitting fun we'll get our fair share. And we'll be able to start the kids off on my least favorite childhood chore: carrying and stacking wood!

Getting wood to burn isn't all we had to do for our "preparing" bit. Mr. Wiedz borrowed the chimney sweeping brushes from our local store and climbed up on the roof.

Unfortunately, Mr. Wiedz picked the wrong size brush and it got stuck.

Eventually he was able to get the bottom part of our chimney (the part that goes into the wood stove) apart and got the brush off the rod and got everything put back together. Now it is all clean so we have wood to burn and no worries about a chimney fire.

I love preparing. Especially when it feels so much like fall already. The mornings are cold and fog is settled on the fields and mountain crevices around us.

Come on over and help stack wood if you're in the neighborhood.

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