Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Wedding Gift

Mr. Wiedz's cousin got married this summer. A beautiful wedding on the Oregon coast. Filled with family and love. Before the wedding I started a quilt to give to them as their present. I even started with the ability to get it done. But I didn't get it done in time.

I hand quilt the quilts I make. This one I went around some of the squares in the log cabin blocks and then did circles in the corners where the blocks meet. In the borders I did feather-y vines. It is the most quilting I've done on a quilt and I loved the way the vines came out.

The week before our trip I finished quilting and binding it. Then on our drive to Washington I finished the tag for the back identifying who made in for who and when. One evening in Washington while we visited I appliqued the tag onto the back and it was FINISHED!

We had already made plans with Mr. Wiedz's cousins to stop a their house and give them their gift on our way home from our trip. So after the kids were asleep at Grandpa and Grammie N's we went to their house. Cousin R was excited, she squealed that she'd hoped I was making a quilt for her. It matched their living room well and will be well used as a cozy wrap up blanket while watching TV.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Stacy! First time checking out your blog and I am tickled that the quilt made it on here! We love it and snuggle up together with it often! THANK YOU!!!