Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Another project marked off the list

Another project I've always talked about but not taken the time to complete got completed today!

Side note: the canning has not gotten done, but neither is the fruit rotting. You'll be first to know when either of those events take place.

When #1 was born I took a beautiful black and white picture of her being bathed in the kitchen sink by Mr. Wiedz. When #2 was born the world had turned digital and so I was able to take a great picture of Mr. Wiedz bathing him in the kitchen sink and turn it black and white. Both photos have been framed since shortly after they were taken, hanging in the bathroom.

#3 and #4...they had pictures taken of them just weeks or days old being bathed in the kitchen sink. Because of the wonderful digital program I use I easily changed them to black and white. But they have sat in the computer. Not framed. Not hung proudly on our wall.

I'm working on getting the backlog of photos from outside the grasp of the computer and into frames or scrapbooks. I've finished our family album of 2006. I've got #3's baby album mounted. Still need to journal both of those projects...there is always something! And #2's album caught up to his 4th birthday...that one is even journaled!

So I ordered pictures for #4's baby album and while I was at it I ordered the black and white bathing pictures. Today I washed and painted the window I'd always planned on using as my frame. I mounted the pictures. I hung a "wall hanging thing-y" on the back of the window. And I hung it in the bathroom. Perfect!

I love getting projects done.

Now off to the peaches!

Another side note: having extra places in the window does not mean I'm prepared if we have other children. We only had 16 pane or 6 pane windows left over from the remodel many years before...just in case you were wondering!


Nathan Wiedenmann said...

let's not get carried away with ideas of filling up the window panes.

Another Stacy said...

I like this idea a lot!! We just hung an old window pane and are planning to purchase old drawer pulls in order to hang my gajillion necklaces. I think it will work fantastically, but not be nearly as elegant as your frame. Very cool!

Another Stacy said...

wait...i don't think my last post was clear. the drawer pulls will be screwed into the frame of the window and the necklaces will hang over the window. I'll get a picture up as soon as we finish the project. :)